19 Apr 2016

Plasma the new revolution

I think Science have reached its limit on exponential finding of breakthrough discoveries in atomic world because of the high cost and least access to the technology. If you look at the discoveries made in science, it usually has been in areas that we can directly interact and play with on a regular basis.

Particle accelerator is a technology that can helps us discover more into atomic world but due to its high cost, its not something that most universities of this world can possess. We needed a congomeleration of countries, just to built one like CERN's LHC particle accelerator.

To explore more into atomic particles, we need more longer accelerators and massive amount of energy, so why can't we access the energy of the earth's core deep down and also explore for new particles in the earth's core.

There are two ways to explore these world

  1. Built a solid rover that can resist the heat and keep the temperature normal inside the rover or
  2. Built a rover that is made up of either gas or high energy state - plasma.

I dont think option 1 is efficient and doubt if there is any solid state matter that can withstand such high temperatures and keep inside normal.

Option 2 

We need to develop a new technology, where the rover must be only in
"Gaseous or Plasma  state"(G|Ps)
Its computing logic gates should be in G|Ps, its detectors, sensors and other input devices must be in G|Ps, its navigation parts should be in G|Ps, its communication parts must be in G|Ps. All devices used must be in G|Ps, Yes, we should create a new class of devices called "Gaseous or Plasma  state devices"

All the functionalities of the solid state devices and the systems that we made in a rover must be replicated in G|Ps. It should not contain any matter that cannot withstand 10kK temperature. (solids should be out of the picture by this standard)

We have excelled in computing using solid state devices, it works well within the cold regions of space and at optimal temperature where humankind survives.

But if we need to unravel the mysterious of this world, we need to explore the areas that are deep inside the earth's core, inside the Jupiter's massive pressurised gaseous atmosphere and also inside sun too. We could learn new laws of nature, how certain elements or sub-atomic particles are created, and maybe  discover of new ones.

This is a challenge to all! Can we create a functional replica of a rover thats in Gaseous or Plasma  state.

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